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10 tips to help the designer get better

Being a good designer is not easy. You can learn very well in school, understand very well the computer software that supports the graphic design. But that is not enough. Graphic design is a very special job, it requires more than that. And here are 10 tips to help professional designers in the future become better.

1. Improve yourself

By self-learning, enrich yourself with knowledge, skills through tutorials, TUTs, exercises available on forums, websites or video channels (the biggest is Youtube). You will find unique works, very creative ideas, very impressive thoughts, and sometimes you will find what you are looking for, are missing in the design.

2. Invest in yourself

If you have money, look for graphic design courses. Through Advanced Graphic Design courses and degrees, not only to enrich your resume, it also gives you the skills you deserve. Learning more effectively will help you gain more knowledge from previous generations. From there you can figure out what is best for you.

3. Find yourself an advisor

Make a good relationship with the people around you to learn from them. That's the simplest, inexpensive way, and the things you learn are invaluable. When you encounter a difficult situation, the help from others is very necessary and not redundant. Or sometimes just a tip, a suggestion from them can help you figure out how to solve the problem you are having.

4. Think about a hobby in your work

This is really something you should do. It is very important, but people often "forget" it. When you think about what you like in the workplace, you will always feel good about your work.

For example, you love photography or painting. That is totally useful for your work. It makes people look at you in different ways with the skills they need to accomplish their tasks. Besides, you can also apply the knowledge from your hobby into the design.

5. Challenge yourself

Never be satisfied with yourself. Set yourself a new design goal to accomplish. You will realize that you can completely design many new images or even create a set of your own. Your design ability only grows when you constantly sharpen it, especially when you encounter new challenges, new requirements.

6. Use available resources

The electronics industry is growing rapidly. Besides, there are many different computer softwares that support the design. If you make good use of them, you not only save time but also create extremely subtle and impressive works.

Try something completely unrelated to your work at your desk, like crafting a 3D image or editing a video clip using the tools and resources available. It also helps you relax and inspire the following design.

7. Consultation from friends

Try to consult with your friends when you need more ideas to refer to a problem. They may not be designers, but they have other skills to do well and they can teach you. Unlike advisor (their perspective is the view from the designer), the advice from friends will from a lot of different perspectives. This will give you a broader perspective and cover more issues.

8. A Volunteer

If you have time, try once become a volunteer of community projects. Many of these can help you expand the skills you will not get if you just surround yourself with the design. You will be practicing and working with others. I'm sure there are a lot of good things you'll find out from this.

9. Enthusiastic with work

If you feel that there is something in your company that you are capable of doing, why not try volunteering for projects that you feel comfortable and interested in? Your enthusiasm and excitement will be appreciated, and you have the opportunity to prove your worth, whether through the creation of a new logo or directing photography. In addition, sometimes you can also find new inspirations, good things for design that you never thought before.

10. Joy at work

Are you having fun working on graphic design?

No one will waste their time for what is not exciting. So, if you are in the process of learning a lot of things, be sure these things really stir up your curiosity.You'll find them easier to learn, and more importantly, you get the pleasure from graphic design.