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6 Reasons that you cannot give up the Passion for Graphic Design.

If you are still hesitant to choose your career, do not read the article below because it just makes you love the Graphic Design career and urge yourself to find it.

1. You can be free to express your creativity

A job where you have the freedom to do what you love, creative freedom to bring beauty, great emotions? Graphic Design is a great opportunity for you to express yourself through creative works. At the same time, you can also learn from your own experiences and experiences by accumulating experiences that are important to designers.

You are free to live, work and earn money from creativity. Evidence that customers just give you the content design, whether with any request, to the end, the idea and creativity is still your own. A job with the main task is to make things look beautiful, more attractive ... Is not it great?

2. Many other areas can apply graphics

Graphic Design is the only thing that can do the job of designing, right? If you look around, you will find that most things need to be designed. There are many areas that require creative minds and the involvement of a designer. You can choose to create with familiar works such as Poster, Brochure, Stande or book page layout, magazine, or Layout design for Website, more advanced is to undertake the design of brand identity for a company. All of them will bring great benefits to the skills and experience of a good designer.

3. You will not fear unemployment

Most businesses, both offline and online, need the creativity of graphic designers in their work. Therefore, this is an extremely potential industry for young people passionate about creative arts because the opportunity for you is very much and attractive. If you have passion and talent, you will always be used in any company.

4. You can become a Freelance and live your own life

A unique feature of Graphic Design is that you can make Freelancer, earn extra income after official hours. This is also one of the "occupations" that recruit most freelancers. Besides extra income, this is how you create more challenges for yourself to improve your design skills. At the same time, this is also a way to "market" your name to the potential customers and the premise for the "big" cooperation projects later.

5. You can work freely all the time, anywhere

Design work has a very unique point, you do not necessarily have to fix a place in the office to work. With its own creative design, you can turn any place into a workplace from swimming pools, forests, amusement parks. It is important that you "catch" the emotional waves to create your own design ideas. I've met many designers working in a corner of a coffee shop, or sitting under the shade of a big tree in the park ... all they carry is a laptop, and sometimes a headphones for enjoying their favorite music.

6. You will find life more interesting, because every day you also encounter new things

Boredom never lies in the dictionary of a graphic designer because of its novelty and constant creativity. You will be assigned different job designs for each project. A new project will be a new opportunity for you to challenge and show your creativity.


Here are just six of the most fundamental reasons and many more reasons to create the interest of the graphic design profession. Why do not you try it and enjoy yourself? Be brave to pursue if you are passionate about it, because life is short, do what you like right now!