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9 Extremely Useful Tips That You Should Use For Your eCommerce Website

When building an eCommerce site, it is important that it is really beautiful and eye-catching to impress the customer at first sight. However, the features and usability in your website should also be designed to fit and feel comfortable for the customer. Here are some very helpful tips to help you create the best eCommerce site.

1. Include a FAQ Section

No matter what your store type or design is, there will always be questions from customers about your products or services. Create a separate page on this issue or add it to a section of the Menu page and navigate to it. This will help you a lot when customers are demanding to buy products but they need more information.

2. Add a Live Chat Widget

Live Chat Widget is a very important feature. It helps customers feel familiar and feel that they are well cared for when visiting your site. In some cases, your staff will give direct advice to customers through this feature. From there, customers will be more likely to buy your product.

3. Clearly Label Your Sale Section

Recent research shows that most online shoppers are interested in the "separate section of products on sale." Create a group containing all your on-sale products together in one section and place it right on your homepage so customers can see it the fastest.

4. Include a Search Box

In fact, most visitors to e-commerce website, customers click on Search to find the product they want. Put this Search in a good place to look and build it a variety of filters such as search by manufacturer, by product name, by price, search for HOT items, search for products that are promoting...

5. Use Customer Browsing History for Personalization

Understanding the needs of customers is extremely important in e-commerce. Build an admin tool that you can use to see data such as customer access locations, traffic sources, customers who buy and what pages they are interested in can improve customer service and improve your sales.

6. Add Big and Beautiful Images

Images are always important and leave a strong impression on customers. Make product images or create banners for your ongoing promotions for your customers to know. But the following two things to note: the image and banner should be large, clear text, easy to read and most important is that it must be beautiful.

7. Insert Clear and Compelling Call to Actions

If images on your site have attracted customers. Then you succeeded step 1. Continue to direct them to step 2 by giving specific information that the next action of the customer after viewing the image is what. This is called call-to-action.

8. Incorporate Customer Reviews

The comments of the people who bought your product is always the information that new customers are interested in. They will rely on them to look at and even trust the comments, so they will decide whether to buy your product or not. If there are bad comments, do not hesitate to show it, because no one product is perfect for everyone. And if a product does not have a bad comment, maybe the customer even thinks you are trying to hide it. However, it is wise to leave these bad comments at the end of the comment section.

9. Have a Clear Shipping and Return Policy

This is the last and possibly the most important step that affects the customer's purchase decision. Please note the information about your shipping and return policy. This clarity and transparency will build customer trust for your website. And this will turn them into your loyal customers.


The 9 tips above are very important. Build your site beautiful and impressive, and of course your site must have the full 9 tips on. If you are hesitant to start creating an e-commerce site. Take a look at my Top 15 Best eCommerce Website Templates of 2017 articles.