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9 very reliable sources of information about the design trend

Updating new trends gradually become part of the daily work of the designer. When you embark on a project, you need reliable and quality referrals to find ideas as well as update new trends from designers from around the world. With the "experienced" designers, they also have some familiar addresses to constantly update the new design trend. With the newbies "feet wet mouth" into the profession is still not shaping the style, the following site will be the "trusted friend" to help you expand the vision, catch up the new swap of the design

1. Pinterest


The first site I would like to introduce to you in today's article is Pinterest. This is a social networking website, post and classified as "board" with photo (or needle). Users create and manage photo collections on a variety of topics, according to events, interests, etc. Users can view other people's collections, then drag and drop them into their collections. Pinterest also connects to most social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ... In addition, Pinterest also allows you to "Like" photos of other people.

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2. Dribbble


The second site is Dribbble. This is a community of designers in many different fields. A web designer, graphic designer, illustrator, or logo artist, printer, logo designer, or artist in various creative fields ... they share a photo of the work. , the image of the creative process as well as the projects they perform.

Dribbble is a place for designers to share their design stories - their creations, their own PR, as well as where newbies are exploring impressive designs. Dribbble is considered an important social network for anyone interested in the design, where designers connect and where recruiters seek quality human resources. This will be a very useful address for you. Trust me!

3. Lovely Package


The third address that I am about to send to you will be where you are excited to look and create impressive packaging, want to develop yourself in a certain direction. Brand identity design, "Lovely Package" website will be your favorite place to visit. You will find a wide variety of packaging designs as well as design styles, from food, fashion, soft drinks to book covers ... Website design is very easy to use. The interface is friendly, divided by topic or by update time is very convenient for searching. Besides, the information attached to each type of packaging will bring you the story of creative very interesting.

4. Designspiration


The fourth web site in this article is Designspiration. The site was launched in early 2010, developed by Shelby White, a designer and entrepreneur. Designspiration focuses on bringing together inspirational designs from around the world to share with everyone. The collections here are carefully selected and censored before being released to the public, so you can be assured of the quality of the works.

5. The Best Designs


The Best Designs is a collection of the best web layout templates. This website receives over 7 million page views per year from visitors all over the world, updating the latest web design trends. This is also where designers look for inspiration for their next work.

If you are looking for a talented web designer for your project, you can also find them here. Freelance web designers and design companies usually have at least one design featured here. Besides, if you want to create your own website, The Best Designs offers some of the best WordPress Themes from their trusted partners. It's great and useful, is not it?

6. Behance


6 is Behance - a website developed and sponsored by Adobe. Behance was founded in 2006 and is currently the world's largest interactive website for designers.

Behance can be considered an open social network for everyone, especially for creative designers. With Behance, you can sign up for a job, introduce your work, post your work or simply search for ideas from other designers from around the world.

7. The Dieline


The Dieline is the site I want to show off at number 7. Dieline is the most talked about packaging design site in the world. This site emphasizes the importance and value of packaging design for brands in today's competitive environment. By creating a platform for communities to test projects, learn more about the design process and keep up to date with new packaging design trends. The Dieline encourages designers and brands to speak out on the issues they encounter and to adhere to the highest standards possible.

In addition, The Dieline is also the co-organizer of the annual The Dieline Awards, a global competition that recognizes the best consumer packaging design in the world.

8. Logopond


The eighth place in this article is Logopond. This is where "focus" inspirational logo designs from different designers around the world. Logopond is an inspirational place for people to share knowledge and useful experiences from designers.Logopond is not a direct sales page. Copyright of all works is protected by individual designers and if you want to use any images you can contact the author directly.

9. The Book Cover Archive


The last web page in this article is The Book Cover Archive. If your direction in the design industry is to illustrate the cover of the book, this will be a site you can not ignore. The Book Cover Archive is a collection of book cover designs from major publishers around the world. You can view and search for ideas from here. This bookshelf was edited, maintained by Ben Pieratt and Eric Jacobsen, all book covers here are copyright protected.


I hope that the above sites will help you in designing the graphics. Each community of each website is a different color in Design, hopefully with inspirational references, you will gradually find your own direction, as well as your designs will always have innovation and full of creativity.