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Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Blog

Bloggers often consider the design of a blog more beautiful than how their blog will work. To be honest, a successful blog is more influenced by the user experience and the information that the blog provides the user. In today's article, we will learn together about this.

1. Techniques related to UX

In the blog, speed is very important; it is the factor that directly affects the user experience. Once your site has a fast page load speed, everything will be very easy. Viewers expect a site that has a page load of less than 3 seconds. And if your site has a slow page load time, viewers will leave your site.

When creating a blog, take a close look at the web hosting provider. There are some tricks that can help to load pages faster, such as merging into a sheet, enabling cache storage… You also need to make it safe for users to experience your site, especially for online sales blogs. I can suggest you some tools like Zoho BugTracker for fixing on blogs, Hostinger hosting service ...

2. Be clear about your customers

For users to feel comfortable and comfortable when they experience on the site you create, you need to be aware of the following issues: What are your customers? What are their hobbies? What do they want when visiting your website? What are the top priorities of the customer group you are targeting? Let create the link that holds these priorities and all that your website can provide. In addition, you also need to use Google Analytics to analyze what your customers' habits are about when they visit your site, their age, what they care about ... so that you'll Imagine an overall picture of your site.

Note this: Create buttons or links to make navigation and access to other parts of the site easier. This will give your customers the comfort; sometimes these suggestions will help both you and your customers. You should also pay attention to the color, choose the dominant color for your website. In addition, when a user visits your site from a mobile device, make sure that your site is compatible with all devices and all small screen sizes.

3. What is the value that your blog brings?

When customers visit your website, they are looking for a solution or an answer from you. Meet them and create a real benefit in their real life. So your customers will feel satisfied and trust your website. Therefore, the content is very important. Invest in good and useful content, although it will take time.

In your blog, talk about your experiences, about good lessons for customers to read and study about your failures. Do not talk too much about the results you achieve or the success you have. The tip that I want to say here is the metrics, a metadata article will easily win the trust of readers. Sharing your experiences on forums, community groups is also a great way to advertise your blog. However, these contents should be easy to understand, simple and quality.

4. Experience of the users

When your customers visit your blog, they probably will not like your blog immediately. You need to give them experience so they can feel the good things that your blog brings. The tip that I reveal here is the focus of the article. Make good and intriguing headlines for your customers. It is the key to your customer's continued experience of your website. Another very important feature is "Search". Make sure what your website offers will match the keywords that your customers enter. When they use this function, they are rushing or looking for a clear result. Therefore, the more detailed the results of the website, the more accurate the customer will think your blog.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the content of the article. Do not let your customers find information in a forest. Make arrangements by subject, according to simple rules. This will make your customers understandable and easy to find what they want. In addition, you can direct customers to follow the path you have drawn before. I suggest you Canva (create the information boards) and Haiku Deck (create impressive presentations), they will help you a lot.

5. Create a highlight, make customers can - not forget your Blog

The key to creating long-lasting connections between your customers and your blog is simple. Create quality content and full of information on your blog. But the impression comes from other factors. Leave some emoticons in your posts, or make the title of the article as unique as "How to ..." or "You must ..." Impressions will appear in the mind of the customer. Use Content Idea Generator for your rich and unique ideas. This will not be "surplus", believe me!

Creating free values that customers can take away from your site and making their own "property" is also a very effective way. Provide the sheets, tools, free books ... that customers can "save" on their PC. Customer feedback is a valuable asset to you. But note that it is also "area" that many other customers want to see to evaluate the content they are interested in. Please allow customers to write comments directly under the article, as guest (no need to register). This is the right thing to do.

Conclusion: There are many other factors, but the things I mentioned above are very important and common factors. The user experience is most important. I want you to create a blog, think about it first.

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