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Influence of Visual Context in Web Design

To evaluate the quality of a website, it takes less than a minute. Thanks to the visual context they understand what the site brings, and this also greatly influences the initial impression of the customer on your site.

We have two concepts that need to be addressed here, namely image and text. Images will attract the attention of customers while text will be the things that keep customers coming back to the site.

1. The Visual Context

Visual contexts will help your site convey the message clearly and accurately to the user.

For example, the website of a real estate company will have many images and content about the projects, buildings. The website of an online game development company will have pictures and videos of the games they are developing or are launching. The images and videos that do not say "quality" of the product but it convey the message to the customer that you are about to introduce something to them.

Think about it, if the site does not have pictures or videos to illustrate. All you see is letters and words, everything is very confusing and complicated.

2. Creating a visual context

To create a visual context, you first need to know who your customers are, what they want, what their priorities are. This is very important. Once you have a good understanding of your customers, you can bring relevant images and colors to your website and create a positive impression when your customers experience your site.

I have some suggestions for you on this issue:

- The images, videos must be relevant to your business.

- A brief, easy-to-understand summary of your company.

- The highlights should have lines or arrows.

- Use words that cause curiosity or words to create challenges for customers.

- Use creativity in graphics to tell the "content" you want.

- Beautiful and unique icons are always needed.

3. Why is visual context important?

The first look:

As I mentioned above, when customers visit your site, the images and content will impress them. And it takes less than a minute for your visitors to rate your site. In order for customers to stay longer on your site, you need to make the customer curious or make them feel impressed with what your website has.

Benefits of image, video:

When customers enter your site to read something, they will feel boring if the content is text and only text. Adding some images to complement and substantiate your writing will make your customers feel more impressed and feel the richness of your writing.

Faster connection to users:

Once a customer has visited your website, make sure they understand what your site is talking about. Maybe your customers will not understand what your company is offering, but through visual contexts, you can show your customers how your business is performing. From there, they will take further actions such as purchase, service selection, content related search ...

Creating emotions

A site that uses visual contexts effectively creates positive emotions for its customers. If you use nature images, plants, beaches, leaves ... you will create emotions of relaxation, comfort. If you use hot colors, bright colors or colorful images, you will create dynamic, youthful. If you use smiles, the image has many people inside it will be very good to convey feelings about the community, about joy and happiness.


The visual context is very important, especially to new customers who visit your site for the first time. The use and combination of images, videos, titles, content, highlights and interesting icons ... will help you a lot in conveying messages to customers and impress them.

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