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What is Whitespace and why is it important? 8 website to inspire your web design.

Whitespace is an important element in web design. If we focus to normal elements to design a web like font, colors, images, whitespace set the color of the design and affect the usability of the site. In other words, beginning with an effective use of whitespace is the key which attract visitor’s attention.

We will find out about why whitespace matter and the importance of whitespace, what conversion-driven web design means and how 8 websites which are using whitespace to lead visitors towards a expect action.

1. What Is Whitespace?

White space is empty positions, not display anything. It is a space between different elements that help viewers breaks in design process, and it is easy to focus.

Unless it has whitespace, our brains will be difficult to acquire many informations or data which crammed into a small space, causes fatigue.

2. Why We Need Whitespace?

In order to understand about whitespace’s importance, we take an example for phone book. Imaging how your brain processes all the information from a page of book phone or white pages. You feel too difficult to find information when all the columns of text are combined into one piece of boring information.

With whitespace, the layout and design of the display information is easier to understand.

In addition to creating a more understandable layout, whitespace can focus on specific elements. Subdivision of the layout by using whitespace makes a sense of balance and sophistication.

Whitespace is extremely important in designing website. Using it efficiently can make your website is more easy to navigate, converting and understanding easily.

It is okay if adding some whitespace has caused some of other content on the page to be pushed down. In reality, designers should not attempt to create mass content on the page because it will become cluttered.

3. 8 Websites Using Whitespace to Their Advantage

a. Shopify

A simple aim of the homepage for commerce platform Shopify is: give to guest to sign up for a free trial.

They surrounded their one-field sign-up form with many whitespace in order to direct visitor to this action, help reduces interruption and guarantee users cannot miss it. The navigation of website is displayed smaller than the form of the text. It is put in the top of the screen.

b. Everlane

Whitespace does not mean that there is no color or picture. Page elements are munificently and strategically spaced to avoid mistaken or confusing your visitors.

In order to launch latest clothes collection, Everlane (a retailer of fashion) chose minimize set up: The full page background shows off a photograph of their "Camel" collection, and a small, expertly placed call-to-action appears in the center of the screen, encouraging users to click and "shop collection.". This is an example shows that an action which is not pushy or aggressive.

c. Airbnb

In the homepage, Airbnb company shared many potential visuals, but they use simple design with conversion-friendly that allow users to try their product immediately.

The layout based on copy and image which are limited; put all importance in the search box. Navigation and logo are hidden in the corner of the page.

d. Wistia

Using a whitespace strategy can easily ensure that your forms and call-to-action buttons are separate from the rest of content. The change is simple, though, it makes a big difference in content awareness.

Wistia is a video platform which connect their homepage with a friendly question and a drop-down form. This form look likes a central point of the whole page. Beside of navigation and image, it has many place to set up

e. Welikesmall

Welikesmall shows that whitespace is not empty, boring or static. The full screen demo of videos project recently are displayed in homepage. Attracting the attention of visitor by filtering through a many of interesting vignettes.

Full-screen video becomes more polished when is designed with whitespace. The text is kept minimize with all the focus on the background of video. The logo is in one corner, folded hamburger style menu is in the other corner. "Belief in the Making" - the slogan of Welikesmall - is in the centre of screen, with a call-to-action buttons which connect to the demo reel 2016.

f. Simpla

The Homepage of Simpla uses whitespace to urge users to keep moving.

Below the logo and navigation, a large part of the site has been unmarked. The top of the photo with a short text and arrow invites users to read and study about the firm and their mission.

Using of whitespace is just sophisticated and has a strategy to attract users.

g. Harvard Art Museums

Harvard Art Museums is a place where displays antiquated paintings, but not at all. Here, whitespace provides the perfect context for a particular art. It looks like the first art exhibition. The neat layout gives the users a reason why to keep moving, it also ensures that no images which are centered together. In order to keep nice gallery, navigation of the site is completely hidden until the user hovers over the page.

h. Burnkit

With whitespace in your homepage, you will give some of difficult decision about anything which is important to display. If not arrange, the contents in homepage will be very messy.

Homepage of Burnkit including key excerpts (from the agency's portfolio of client work),blog content and looks at the agency's culture behind the screen. So, whitespace and many whitespaces will help they can control many things on one page without overwhelming viewers.

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